Play Matta Wet Areas

Wet Areas

We offer a range of Play Matta™ solutions for pool areas and other wet environments that require chemical and UV resistivity, high drainage, and play-appropriate traction underfoot.

Our Projects

We foster safe and dynamic work environments that encourage the emergence of new ideas, innovation and growth.

In conjunction with our partners at Matta™, we have an impeccable record of delivering quality, professional and customer-focused services.

This record has been repeatedly confirmed by our customers and the range of communities within which we work – including by our friends at Wet ‘n’ Wild after we worked on surfacing their Flow Rider ride.

Other Matta™

Play Matta Original

Play Matta™ Original can be used for pool areas and other spaces that routinely experience wet conditions.

Play Matta™ Kids

Play Matta™ children in mind. Keep young ones safe during their water-based playtime.