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As a robust alternative to rubber, bark soft fall and other popular surface solutions, landscape architects, gyms, schools, councils, and early learning centres everywhere are increasingly turning to Matta™ – not just across Australia, but also in New Zealand, North America, and Europe!


Why Rubber Soft Fall?

Rubber soft fall has been around for some time as a surface for indoor and outdoor play areas – but with a large number of alternatives, what makes it stand out?

There are a few key strengths that rubber soft fall possesses. As the name implies, the material is remarkably safe. Its shock absorbent properties prevent children from inflicting damage on themselves when they fall over – especially when compared to harder surfaces, like concrete. 

Rubber soft fall comes in a variety of colours – and this is what allows the surface to almost universally appeal to children. 

Another benefit is that rubber does not decompose like wood. It’s also relatively hard-wearing – which means it’s a low-maintenance playground surface. Ultimately, rubber soft fall is a cost-effective surface solution in comparison to the alternatives available on the market.

Wet Pour Rubber

Opal is a completely synthetic EPDM (ethylene propylenediene monomer) wet pour rubber – a competitively priced surface that’s coloured all the way through. 

Opal is formulated under ISO certified processes for vibrant, bright and consistent colour. It’s fully vulcanised (i.e. reliably sulphur cured) and contains high levels of polymers, which lends to its excellent surface elasticity.

If you’re looking for a cheap and colourful wet pour rubber for creating vibrant and exciting designs, Opal is the solution for you.

CSBR® Rubber

CSBR is an easy-to-install and environmentally conscious surface material made of granulated tyre rubber. This rubber is coated with quality resins and pigments to achieve a thorough and even-coloured coating.

CSBR® is produced using recycled Australian tyres, and is independently green certified. It also has an unmatched surface elasticity – after all, nothing beats the quality of tyre rubber.

With 18 colours to choose from, CSBR® has one of the largest colour ranges of any of our products. Its quality pigments and resins are more UV resistant than other rubber alternatives. 

Compared to other rubber safety surfaces, it’s also the most durable. 

Available Colours

Wet Pour Rubber

CSBR® Rubber

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Synthetic Turf​

Why Synthetic Turf?

There are many benefits to synthetic turf that often go underappreciated.

For one, they can withstand a lot of wear and tear – much more than actual grass is capable of handling.

They also save lots of time, money, energy and water compared to a traditional lawn. Synthetic turf minimises maintenance costs, reduces water usage, eliminates the use of potentially harmful pesticides and fertilisers, and saves people a whole lot of time they would otherwise have to spend on keeping the lawn neat and tidy, while still functioning to beautify a space.

Additionally, synthetic turf acts as a versatile play surface for people of all ages. Parks and sports fields with synthetic turf promote year-round activity on safe and resilient surfaces. Increased activity helps reduce childhood obesity and promotes overall well-being.