Work Matta

Work Matta™

Work Matta™ provides numerous options for safety surfacing for industrial and commercial applications – engineered to keep people safe and increase productivity. 

From agriculture, manufacturing and aeronautical uses to applications in retail and hospitality, there is a Work Matta™ solution to make your workspace a safer environment.

Work Matta™ is chosen by industry leaders across the globe for its indisputable durability, class leading warranty, and proven ergonomic and anti-fatigue benefits. 

Work Matta™ tiles are manufactured from safe, hard wearing recycled materials in accordance with ISO, H&S, and Quality Safety Standards. They are not adversely affected by most fats, oils, grease or common cleaners and chemicals. 

Within our Work Matta™ range, we offer open and closed surface options for the Grit, Comfort, Excel and ESD specifications. Contact us for a consultation on which safety solution is most suited to your workspace.

Work Matta™ Grit

Where production is king. 
A maximum grip, durable, slip-resistant surface finish that can be applied to a wide range of Work Matta™ tiles. Work Matta™ is the first choice of a number of leading automotive manufacturers  worldwide. 

Choose from a range of configurations, including open and closed varieties. Comes in black.

Work Matta™ Comfort

A modular safety surfacing solution that keeps workers comfortable while helping them fight fatigue. Keep your standing workers alert, productive and safe. 

Choose from a range of colours and configurations, including open and closed varieties. 

Work Matta™ ESD

Electrostatic discharge or ESD is a major concern for  manufacturers and assemblers of electronic products. Effective, reliable ESD control can generate significant cost savings and production efficiencies.

Choose from a range of configurations, including open and closed varieties. Comes in black.

Work Matta™ Excel

An antidote to gravity.

Excel closed surface tiles are engineered for workers required to stand or work in static positions for extended periods. 

Excel open surface tiles are suited for use in dairy parlours, agricultural settings, and food production environments, due to their outstanding airflow and drainage capability for debris-laden water. They’re also exceptionally efficient at displacing water flow – perfect for agricultural applications where hosing and flushing is used in cleanup. 

Choose from a range of configurations and colours.

Work Matta™ Ergo

Low profile, lightweight and extremely versatile, Work Matta™ Ergo safety tiles are both safe for wet areas and well-suited for light duty work. 

Measuring half the size and thickness of other Work Matta™ tiles, the Ergo is  extremely versatile. This tile can be installed in configurations to suit most workplace  situations.  

Like their larger Work Matta™ counterparts, Ergo tiles come with a range of surface  options to suit wet and dry environments, and can be easily rolled up for washing  and relocation. All Work Matta™ tiles provide proven anti-fatigue benefits for staff required to stand or work in static positions for extended periods of time.

Our Projects

Choose from a range of colors and configurations.

We foster safe and dynamic work environments that encourage the emergence of new ideas, innovation and growth.

In conjunction with our partners at Matta™, we have an impeccable record of delivering quality, professional and customer-focused services. This record has been repeatedly confirmed by our customers and the range of communities within which we work.