Play MattaTM is an innovative and world-leading safety flooring solution for playgrounds, exercise areas, and various other applications. These highly recyclable surfaces are manufactured in New Zealand by Matta Products, and are made with a minimum of 90% recycled materials.


As a robust alternative to rubber or bark soft fall, landscape architects, gyms, schools, councils, and early learning centres everywhere are increasingly turning to Play MattaTM – not just across Australia, but also in New Zealand, North America, and Europe!

Why Play MattaTM?

Play MattaTM  is a more environmentally friendly alternative to poured rubber that offers higher standards of quality.

Departing from all existing playground surfacing solutions, Matta Products pioneered a new manufacturing process in 1992 at its plant in Otaki. With strong roots in recycling, they perfected the technique of turning waste rubber and PVC into a two-layered playground surfacing system consisting of impact-absorbing rubber shock pads overlaid by durable and visually attractive PVC modular tiles.


Poured rubber soft fall often breaks down into small particles towards the end of its life. These particles can then enter our waterways, be consumed by wildlife, and contaminate the environment. Not so for Play MattaTM!


It’s also far more durable under severe weather conditions, and a remarkably long-lasting product that requires very little maintenance. The longevity of Play MattaTM allows us to offer a six year manufacturer guarantee  to our customers.


Additionally, this non-slip safety surfacing material is self-draining, completely waterproof, and fully compliant with standards for use in Australian playgrounds. It’s no surprise that Play MattaTM has become the obvious choice for playground projects everywhere!


Creative Playground Surfaces are proud to be the sole distributors and installers for Play MattaTM in Queensland. If you have any queries or require further information about Play MattaTM, please do not hesitate to Contact Us . We would be delighted to chat over the phone or meet in person to supply you with a sample of our surface.


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